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It is Time
It is Time

I have been thinking
(That should scare some)
That a holiday is indeed needed
But where does one spend it?

Will it be the quietude of the forest?
With the smells and aroma or Fir, Pine,
Redwood and Cedar
Near the gurgling of a creek
The smoke of the morning campfire
And the relaxing sounds of nature

The shaded coolness of the trees
The warmth of the exposed meadows
The clean feel of breathtaking cold water
Fed from the melting snows
Watching the stars at night in a clear sky.

Or, will it be a trip to the coast
To the City by the Bay or
The Boardwalk on the Beach

People to watch
The smell of salt air with the
Hidden aroma of oiliness underneath it
Strange but alluring for some odd reason

The smell of the fish market on the pier
The sounds of carnival and popcorn,
Peanuts, and salt water taffy

The motion of the waves
A come hither, go away, beckoning
People to watch, overhear, and to meet
Dining in small, obscure cafes or
The elegant restaurant
Eating new food combinations

Finding new entertainment
The real, the odd, and the funky

Ah the dilemma of making a choice
And in just my mind
I see both and relax and
Feel as if I have been there
And I have already started my holiday.


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