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How often do we think of others?
Those we haven't seen in what seems ages
The friends that we wish were family and love as such
Our families that only think the phone goes in one direction

Do we think about those we see in less than ideal lives?
Have you ever stopped to think about their lives
What it took to get them there
If you could would you find a way to help them succeed?

Are you happy for the new couple as they begin their new lives
Offering support for their decisions
Offer love and a shoulder in trying times
Happiness and Joy in the good.

Are you enjoying your family both near and far
Happy to see them when you can
And when you can’t, to keep good thoughts for them
With hope of meeting up again soon

Others are us to those we are thinking about right now
Does it make us rethink how we view them
Could putting ourselves in their reflections better our thoughts
Maybe it can if we open our thoughts to this idea it will work


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