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The Search for the Lost Word
The Search for the Lost Word

The Lost Word. Wow! A search for something that was lost due to the stupidity of some who couldn’t wait for their time to receive something of value. that should have been earned with due diligence and honest labor.

But what is the word in reality? It is not the substitute that we have been given nor is it one of the many icons that have been made available to us to muse over and ponder and meditate on.
It is a reflection of our life. How we were before we joined the Lodge. We are being taught a lesson of patience, that all good things come to those who not only wait but also put forth the effort to earn the end goal.

Some have likened it to a Baptism as it felt like one to them. They felt a renewal of themselves through a lesson that they were an active participant in. It could also be thought of as a resurrection of sorts as the play is highly suggestive of such.

When we are greeted as a full member we learn a valuable lesson, just because you now are at the level of many you have not learned all that there is to know about your new occupation as a member of Masonry. Ironically, it is up to you to figure out most of this by yourself as the lesson you received will have your own personal slant to it based on your background.

What is the lost word you say. One of identification in those days that qualified you to work at a certain level of employment and to draw the wages of that level. A Freemason at that time was an independent craftsman/architect that was allowed to travel from one job to another. A Bonded Mason was one who did the menial work and could not leave his area. It was a way to check the validity of the worker at a new location. While this story takes place at the time of King Solomons Temple it continued through out the ages for stonemasons who worked the various cathedrals in Europe.

In the story line, the word is lost because of three people who couldn’t wait to earn the honor. Since it is gone, a new substitute is made up. This word has been a topic for many a Mason. Is it something that was a real word, something that was made up, or was it an act to catch others who pretend to be what they are not.

We are still looking for the word. It is real but it is not what many think it is. It is something we do search for as it may improve our lives, our well being, our very souls if we allow it to. But it requires due diligence and patience on our part and the want and need to seek it out, to perform the required labors that are needed to unearth it and implement it and implant it in ourselves.


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